Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mateo's introduction

Hello, my name is Mateo, I am twelve years old and my birthday is June 20. 
I have one brother, his name is Pedro and he's three years old. 
I like football, I'm a fan of River Plate. 

I also like music, for example, national Rock, electronic, etc. And in my free time I use the computer or I play soccer. 

My school is called Bellas Artes, it is in La Plata, street ten and sixty two. I'm in 2nd year of secondary, I like the atmosphere and the friendship that forms within it, and some of my favorite subjects are Ethics, Biology, etc.


  1. Hi Mateo! I like electronic and national rock too. I like soccer too. I´m Newell´s Old Boys supporter. I always goes to the stadium to support the team. River is a good team. Boca, your rival, is a bad team.

  2. Hello Mateo! I love football too. I'm a fan of Rosario Central. I like listening national rock, but I usually listening electronic music. In my free time I play football too and I meet friends. My favourite subject is history.