Sunday, June 21, 2015

Annie's introduction

My name is Annie. I'm 13 years old. I have got one older sister.

I like doing nothing, sleeping or, or sleeping. My free time activity is using the computer ... or sleeping! Joke!

The name of my school is Bellas Artes. I am in second year. I like the food here. My favourite subject is Ethics and Citizenship.
Read u later!


  1. Hi Annie I'm Leandro, I like your introduction, I think it is really true about doing nothing cause I can hardly ever have a break. Actually I also think your introduction is short and if you can add something else it will be more informative. What kind of music do you like? Is your school too dificult? Do you like the song "Smoot criminal"? It's just a joke because of your name.

  2. Hi! Yeah! I know that song, i love it😁
    The kind of music i like it's pop.
    My school is bit hard but not too much