Friday, May 29, 2015

Meet 1st intermediate IPS!

Hello BBA class!

My name is Carla Raguseo and I'm the teacher of the 1st Intermediate course at Instituto Politécnico Superior in Rosario, Santa Fe. I've been teaching at this school for five years. I really like working here since all the sudents are very curious and hardworking and they are always happy to learn new things.

During the following months we will be communicating and sharing class projects online. This blog will be our "extended classroom", a shared space to keep learning through English.  Your teacher, María Cecilia, and I will be working together to help you make the most of this experience.  Are you ready?

This is a photo of our class. There are twenty-two students and we meet every Monday morning. We are all eager to start this project and learn more about you and your school in La Plata.
Let's get started!

Lautaro's introduction

Hello BBA,

My name is Lautaro. I'm 13 years old. I have got one brother.

My favorite film is Harry Potter. I love all Harry Potter books and  films. In my free time, I like playing computer games, listening to music and practising jiu-jitsu.

My favorite school subjects are maths, carpentry, geography and technical drawing.  I like my school because it is a technical school. I think my school is magic because it  is special for me.

What about you? Tell me  about your school. Do you like Harry Potter books and films?


Augusto's introduction


I'm Augusto. I like swimming. In my free time, I listen to music, play video games, and read books. I listen to electronic music and dubstep.

My favorite subjects are maths and technical drawing. I like my school because it's very big, and it is technical.

Tell me about your school. Is it big?  Is it an old or a modern school?

Gino's introduction


I am Gino. I am 13 years old. In my free time I like playing the guitar. I like playing handball, too.

My favourite subject is Maths because it is the easiest subject for me. My school is great. It has very long and wide corridors. The teachers are good people and my classmates, too.

What about you? Do you like your school? Tell me about your teachers.

Matías's introduction

Hello, La Plata!

My name is Matías. In my free time I like reading and using the computer. I like the Sherlock Holmes books and The Lord of the Rings books, too. My favourite subjects are ICT
(Information and Communication Technology) and art.

I like my school because it has got six areas of specialization (ICT, Chemistry, Electronics, Mechanics, Construction and Manufacturing plants) and because we can participate in a lot of Olympics.

What about you? What are your favourite subjects?

Juan Ignacio's introduction

Hi, La Plata!

I'm Juan Ignacio. I'm 13 years old. My school is wonderful. What is your school like? Is it huge?, I think so...

My favourite subject is history. I don't like English, but this project is very very interesting. I'm happy and excited about it.

Nice to meet you!


Leandro's introduction

Hello people from La Plata!

I'm Leandro from Rosario. I'm thirteen years old, and I am in the intermediate English class at school. I have a different  timetable every day. Some days I leave school at 16:20,  some other days at 14:10, 14:50,15:40 or 11:10. I always start school at 7:30.  I also have swimming lessons on Saturday morning.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I have English lessons and on Tuesdays and Thusdays I do Tae - Kwon - Do in the evening. When I come home, I do my homework and study for the tests. At the weekend I have time to play games or to sail on the Paraná river.

What's your name? What do you do at school? Do you do any special activities? Do you have time to do other things?

Rodrigo's introduction


I am Rodrigo. I am 13 years old and  I am in first year in secondary school. I have three brothers, Ramiro, Joaquin and Matias, my parents, Gonzalo and Mabel, and my dog, Atom.

I like sports. I do waterpolo. My favourite subject is ICT (Information and Communication Technology) but I don't like biology. School is complicated but for the time being I am doing well. Politecnico is a very big and old school with long corridors. It has three floors!

What is your school like? What's your favourite subject?

Bye bye!

Ignacio's introduction


My name is Ignacio. I am 13 years old. I live with my brother and my parents.

My favourite sport is basketball. I practise basketball in a club. In my free time I like playing video games or wathcing films.

My favourite subject is carpentry because I like woodworking. I like my school because it is a technical school and when I grow up I want to be a good architect.

What about you? Tell me about your school. Is it big or small?  Do you practise any sports?

Josías's introduction


I'm, Josías. My school is very big and old. It's a bit scary but  it's a good school.

I'n my free time I play the guitar. I love it! I like Green Day because their songs are very good. I play video games once a month because I have a lot of homework!

Can you tell me about your routine? What do you do after school?

Máximo's introduction

Hello BBA,

My name is Máximo. I'm 13 years old. I live in Rosario. My father's name is Gabriel and my mother's name is Marisol. I have got one brother called Federico and one sister called Victoria.

My favourite sport is football. I play it every day. I support Newell's Old Boys de Rosario.
I go to school at the Instituto Politécnico Superior. I like my  school because it's very big. My favourite subject is technical drawing because I like drawing.

Tell me about your school!!

Celeste's introduction

Hi La Plata!

My name is Celeste I am thirteen years old. My hobbies are programming, drawing  and reading.

My favourite subject is English. I love my school because it’s great and  unique.

What about you?

Paula's introduction


My name is Paula. My free time activities are playing volleyball and going to the club.

My favourite subject is math. I like my school because it is interesting and I want to be an architect.

What about you? Why do yo like your school?

Julieta's introduction

Hi La Plata!

My name is Julieta and I'm 13 years old. I have got a brother. His name is Sebastian. I live with my brother,
my parents and my little dog in Rosario!

My favorite subject is technical drawing, because our teacher lets us listen to music when we do the activities.  I don't like everything about my school, because I always have homework and I usually don't have free time. But when I have it, I like to listen to music, play hockey and read books.  I don't have a favorite book, but I really really like Harry Potter books, Twilight books and more. I love music, too. My favorites singers are Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne and I love the songs of the movie "Peter Pan".

About my normal week... I get up at 6:20, I have breakfast and then I go to school.
Somedays I stay at school until 16:20 but on on Friday we leave before noon!

Well... That's is all about me, what about you?

Camilo's introduction

Hi! I'm Camilo

I'm a student from Politecnico Superior.I like my school because it is technical and I like technical subjects. My favourites subjects are physics, mathemathics and also history.

My favourite hobby is painting. I spend the day studying or using the computer or sometimes I just go to sleep.

What about you? Tell me what your school is like. What do you do in your free time? What is you favourite subject?

That's all I have to say. See you later!

Juan's Introduction


My name is Juan.  In my free time I like playing the drums,reading and listening to music.

My favorite subject is technical drawing.

I like my school beacuse it is big and the teachers are very good.

What about you?


Julia's Introduction


I'm Julia and I'm thirteen years old. In my free time, I study or watch videos on the web. I swam for many years but I had to quit because I moved. I take dancing classes at the municipal school of Rosario.

I like IPS because it's one of the best schools in the city.  My dad, my brother and my sister also studied here. I like physics!

What about you?

Ignacio's introduction


My name is Ignacio.  In my free time, I go to the club, I do my homework or watch TV.

My favourite subject is math because I like  numbers.I like my school because it is very big and old.

What about you?

Santiago's introduction


My name is Santiago.I am 13 years old.I like playing waterpolo because in this sport we swim and use our
hands. I play waterpolo at a club in Fisherton.

When I'm at home I like playing videogames, reading and playing with my friends in the street. My favorites films are Star Wars, the Batman trilogy, the films of Indiana Jones, Alien 2, the Marvel´s movies and the films of Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jurasik Park trilogy.  I like dinosaurs because they were giant  reptiles.

My favorites subjects are mathematics and technical drawing because they are connected with numbers. I like my school because it is a technical school. Why do you like your school?

Rómulo's introduction

Hi guys! My name is Rómulo. Don't laugh, that's my name! I want to know about your school and your activities there.

My school is old and the biggest I know. I like it because its teaching level is one of the best in my city and also because it has many interesting subjects.

I want to know more about you.

Write soon!!!

Matías's introduction

Hi La Plata!!!

I'm Matias.  I like my school because we do a lot of activities here. In my free time I play Play Station 3 games and watch TV. My favorite film is Tomorrowland because it's a film about the future.

I have got one brother, Manuel, and a sister, Lola. Lola is 8 years old and Manuel is 11. 

My favorite subject is technical drawing. What is your favorite subject? What do you do in your free time?

Agustín's introduction


My name is Agustin an I am 13 years old. My father's name is Julio and my mother's name is Lorena.

I have one brother and one sister. We live in the city of Rosario. We like living here. My pet is a German sheperd named Tobias. We are all very happy together.

I like my school because it is a technical school and beacuse it is very big.

What about you?

Nicolás's introduction


My name is Nicolás. I like my school because it has an excellent academic level. I really like maths, but I don't like history.

My hobby is playing football. I love football! My favurite team is Newell's Old Boys. I'm a big fan!

I listen to pop and electronic music. My favourite band is tan biónica.

What's your favourite sport? Do you like English? What's your favourite subject?

Welcome to the IPS-BBA Extended Classrooms Project