Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ezequiel's introduction

My name is Ezequiel. I'm 13 years old. I have a brother, a sister and two pets, a dog and a cat.
I like playing volleyball and tennis. I play basketball more than any sport. I play it in the school and in my basketball club (UVLP- Unión Vecinal de La Plata).
My school is BBA in La Plata. It has a thin building. There the music students learn about music; and it is a big and new building where we study general subjects. My favourite school subject is Maths, because I like numbers very much. I really enjoy BBA, and I'm proud of being part of this school.


  1. Hi Ezequiel I'm Ignacio. I practise basketball to. My school isn't new, it's so old. Tell me what are the names of your pets? What you like of your school?

  2. Hi Ignacio. Sorry about writing so late. My pets' names are Toy (dog) and Nilo (cat). I like my school because there is a nice atmosphere, among the students and with the teachers.